Bringing People Together

Feb 22nd 2018

    Have you noticed the zombie like look in some people's eyes?  They are wondering through life in a lifeless state, their social interaction primarily limited to the hello of the gro … read more
Why should I sign up for the newsletter?

Why should I sign up for the newsletter?

Nov 5th 2017

   We are increasing the use of our newsletter and have several reasons why you need to subscribe to our newsletter at .  Pre-order information.&nbsp … read more

First week of October Newsletter

Sep 28th 2017

Pre-order your games at www.briggsgameshop.comWe offer pre-order of games on our site, pre-paid and shipped when they arrive in stock. Dates listed are usually reliable but from time to time circu … read more
Fun with Family This Summer

Fun with Family This Summer

Jul 20th 2017

   Summer provides plenty of opportunity to spend with family, and with school out it can be challenging to come up with something to keep the kids entertained.  Board games can provid … read more

Why we added Jigsaw Puzzles

Jul 3rd 2017

We have added jigsaw puzzles with our games at  Why?  Here are some reasons from saving advice.  Check out our growing collection, take advantage of our free frei … read more